3 Things Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Contractor Should Offer

So, you think you have found the perfect Plant City parking lot paving contractor? How would you know that this contractor will provide the best service for your parking lot? There are three things you have to look at before finally deciding to sign the contract.

Fair Negotiations

The first thing you need to look at is the way the contractor negotiated with you during the consultation part of the hiring process. The terms and conditions of the negotiations should be fair to both parties. All of the considerations they have about working with you should be justified.

Contractors should not ask for a big upfront fee. Anyone who does should not be trusted because they are assuring their profit even before they lifted a finger.

The most telling sign that the contractor is fair to its clients is when they ask for the demands and expectations of the client that should be included in the contract. Many contractors simply impose the contract to their clients.

Legal Contract

The contract should be legally binding. The contractor should take time to have the contract notarized and to have all the changes initialized by both parties. Remember that the contract will determine the kind of relationship you will have with your contractor.

It will also play a big factor in the stability, durability, and maintenance of your parking lot. If and when there are repairs that need to happen in the future, your contract will be your guide.

So what should be included in the contract? The full name of both parties, their addresses, their contact numbers, their business names, their business addresses, and the contact information of their respective companies.

It is important to note the contact information for parties has to be explicitly stated in the contract because this is where any legal documents about a case that may arise in the future will be sent.

Hopefully, there would be no need to file cases against any party but having the contract with you and understanding what it means will help you make the right decision.

Excellent Customer Service

Finally, the Plant City parking lot paving contractor needs to provide excellent customer service by offering technical help even after the project has been finalized and completed.

So many contractors forget about the clients once the balance of the project has already been paid. If there is a history of a contractor forgetting to check on a client, it is certainly a reason to avoid it.

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