3 Things We Forget When Striping A Plant City Parking Lot Paving

Have you ever heard a story about a person or a car getting into an accident on a Plant City parking lot paving? We have and it kind of stays with you—the tragedy of the situation and the basic things that could have been taken into account by the owner of the pavement to prevent such accidents from ever happening again.

Often, the buck stops at the owner’s feet, who made the decision of using asphalt on the pavement, striping it, and putting signs on it to guide customers and clients. One of the most important things that a parking lot owner decides on is the lining and the striping of the pavement.

He would have to choose the right contractor who uses the right materials and equipment to finish the job. However, it cannot be helped that some of them (and even us) forget these three things when striping a parking lot pavement:


If you have ever watched an auto race on a street circuit in the rain, then you might have noticed that the cars slip and the drivers lose grip on the painted lines. Humans slip, too, when the weather is particularly wet or moist. Why is that?

The diagonal lines or the pedestrian crossing on pavements are slippery because of the kind of paint used on them. To prevent this from happening, contractors must install a grit before applying the last coat of the paint. For maximum adhesion, contractors must paint, grit, and paint again.


It’s nighttime and you have a bad vision and while walking in the parking lot, you bumped into a pole. Yes, a pole that’s supposed to warn you to turn left to exit. Somehow, because of your poor eyesight, you did not see the pole.

You did not even notice it. That’s because the parking lot owner or the contractor did not put reflector stickers on the pole. How are people supposed to see in the dark? Even when there are street lights, it would not be enough for someone who has bad eyes.

Pylons, caution tape

If the paint is still wet, you need to use a caution tape to ward off pedestrians who may walk all over it. This will prevent accidents from happening and it will also protect your investment.

Striping parking lots is not exactly cheap so if someone accidentally ruins the lines, this means you will have to call the contractor again and redo the project.

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