3 Things to Save on Operational Costs in Plant City Parking Lot Paving

How do you make sure that as a Plant City parking lot paving contractor, you are not going over the budget? How do you ensure the quality of the pavement will be achieved with the procedure you are doing? It is the contractor’s job to evaluate the needs of the pavement, including the tonnage of each pass and the total tonnage of the job. These are great ways to measure the progress of the paving project.

Bid the Job

What kind of pavement are you doing? Is it for residential or for commercial? Commercial pavements are designed for the expected tons that they need to take. You cannot reduce the mat thickness of the pavement to be more competitive. You cannot undermine the cost of the pavement because you want to win the bid. Your competitors can bid low because they have better suppliers. If you want to be competitive in the bidding process, you have to find better suppliers and workers, too, that can pull the cost of the job down.

Evaluate Trucking Options

Renting trucks to bring in supplies is one of the costliest elements of pavement work. If you are the contractor, spend some time on the site before bringing in the trucks that carry the supplies. You have to determine the right timing when to let the trucks pass on the pavement. How are they going to come to the site? If they have to wait a few minutes because the pavement cannot handle the weight of all trucks, waiting and parking will cost the contractor a lot of money.

Trucks and even compaction machines are rented by the hour. If they have to sit and wait before they can pass on the pavement, then their rented hours will run. It is best to get the trucks and machines on and off the job site as quickly as possible. The less time they spend on the job site, the less expensive it will be for the contractor.

Determining the Size of the Trucks

You want to keep the production at pace, so you keep on having supplies delivered. The problem is that the Plant City parking lot paving may not be ready yet for the trucks. If you let the trucks sit and wait for too long, you’ll go over the budget. So, what kind of schedule should you follow for six-wheelers, 10-wheelers, and tri-axle trucks?

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