3 Things To Look Out For When Maintaining A Haines City Parking Lot Paving

When you want to lengthen the life of your Haines City parking lot paving and to make sure that it will be sturdy against all environmental and chemical and physical elements that it will go through, you need to take the time to research about the factors that could affect its health. Most people would simply watch out for the basic things—the cracks, the potholes, the small alligator lines, etc. What they are not aware of is even before these tell-tale signs appear on the pavement, they can already look out for things that could shorten the life of the pavement.

Grass on the edges of the pavement

Yes, your pavement looks better if it is lined with plants, grass, and flowers on the sides. The problem is when the grass stayed too close to the edges of the pavement. The roots could weaken the base underneath. As a result, there could be collapsed area on the surface of the pavement. When this happens, the problem will continue on and it could affect the surrounding areas of the pavement. So, when you see grass and plants cutting through the edges of the pavement, it’s time to prune or cut it from the root.

Oil leaking from vehicles parked on the pavement

We don’t usually notice it and we rarely give it the time of the day. Oil leaking from vehicles that are parked on the parking lot could weaken the surface of the pavement. Remember that these chemicals would and could contaminate the strength, the durability, and the structure of the pavement. An asphalt pavement is not made to absorb the chemicals that come from vehicles. These are all potential weakening substances.

Weather conditions in the area

If you are living in a tropical area, the extreme weather there—too hot or too cold—could be the reason why the pavement will lose some of its durable elements. The same can be said if you are living in a cold-weather area. The contraction of water that eventually gets into the pavement could cause the surface pavement to expand or to collapse. That’s why it’s important for you to look into the benefits of sealcoating because it will protect the surface of the pavement. Remember that every little pavement issue starts on the surface and eventually snakes into the base surface and the layers underneath. If you protect your surface—if water, oil, and chemicals won’t get into it—there’s a good chance your pavement will last for decades.

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