3 Questions To Ask Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Contractor

Assuming you have already agreed upon the cost of the project with your Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor, here are three more important questions you need to ask them.

How much time do you need to finish the project?

Though the schedule and deadline of the whole project are indicated in the contracted, it is still important for you to clear this out with your contractor.

Most contractors would, of course, work within the given timeframe but there are also those who will be asking for more time because of certain “unforeseen circumstances” that they didn’t take into account such as the weather and the amount of obstacles in your property (underground pipes, for example).

Along with this question, you also need to know the number of workers that will be in your property. This helps you get a better and clear understanding of how fast (or slow) the work will be.

Ask the contractor also for the kind of equipment that they will be using on your property. You should have looked into this before you agreed to the contract but it’s also nice to see for yourself this high-tech equipment that they are boasting about.

How will we communicate throughout the whole process?

When you need to a website designed, web designers use project management software such as Basecamp and Trello. These programs allow clients to monitor the progress of the project.

Since paving a parking lot or driveway is more physical than designing a website, clients can see for themselves the progress of the work on a daily basis. However, for clients who are traveling around the country, how will they be kept to speed regarding the project? How will they know that the milestones are being accomplished on time?

The best thing to do is appoint a person that will manage and monitor the project for you. whether it’s a trusted employee or a family member, you should let the contractor know that he will report directly to you appointed person.

Should I expect additional fees and charges?

The contract should include all kinds of fees and charges that the contractor will impose on you, the client. However, it is still critical to clear this up with the contractor. This is why it’s important to only deal with experienced and reputable paving contractors who will not try to fool you out of your hard-earned money.

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