3 Questions To Ask Before A Plant City Parking Lot Paving Project

Whether you’re manufacturing products, selling items, or shipping those products out, you need a Plant City parking lot paving where your customers and clients will feel safe and secure. If you want your customers to feel comfortable going in and out of your business premises, you need to make sure that you have a well-paved asphalt parking lot.

Parking lots with potholes and cracks are bad for business. It gives off a bad impression of who you are as a business owner. However, many business owners are worried about the downtime that comes along with having a parking lot paved.

These are the three questions you need to ask your contractor to understand that there is nothing wrong about having your parking lot paved (though it takes a lot of patience):

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Job?

The size of the area to be paved will influence the time it takes to finish the job. Normally, you should allow one to two days for a pavement to dry. That’s for an average-sized parking lot.

The other factor that affects the time when the job will be completed is the weather. If it’s the rainy season, the job will take longer. Try to schedule the repairs and construction during the summer season.

How Thick Will The Pavement Be?

The thickness of the pavement will depend on the specific needs of your business or residence. Normally, the pavement just needs to be about two to three inches thick.

But for businesses with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, the thickness of the pavements needs to be more than that. You can ask your contractor for specific requirements on the thickness of the pavement.

Should You Apply Seal Coating?

If you want your asphalt pavement to last longer and become more durable, you should apply seal coating at least every two years. Seal coating will offer an extra layer of protection on the top layer of the pavement.

Remember that the top layer of your pavement is always subjected to water stains, potholes, cracks, and general wear and tear. The only way to protect this surface layer is to apply seal coating regularly.

Generally, you need to allow a week or two for construction of a Plant City parking lot paving from scratch. If it’s just the asphalt pavement you need, two days are enough for the whole project to be completed.

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