3 Important Tips To Maintain A Quality Plant City Parking Lot Paving

There are many steps in the process of building a quality Plant City parking lot paving. You need to make sure that all the equipment is working correctly and that the head of material are well regulated. Each step in the process is essential to the success of your project, and attention to detail will tell the difference between a quality asphalt surface and one that wouldn’t last for long.

Proper paver and equipment setup

Everything starts with a proper paver setup. You must ensure that all the equipment is working correctly and functioning to their maximum capacity. Check the components of the machineries to be used and make sure that they are working properly before the actual project begins. Remember that machines that would not operate well can affect the process or cause accidents.

After the day’s work, the paving company must apply a release agent or coating solution to the components of the machines that came in contact with the asphalt. This will help prevent the asphalt from sticking to the bare metal parts. The workers must do this after the operations for the day because allowing the asphalt to dry on the metal parts can harm the machines.

Lay a quality mat

The pavement quality will be determined by both the material level and the paver speed. Laying a quality mat depends on consistency. This means that the head of material in front of the screed must be consistent with the paving speed.

Maintain an adequate head of material

About 95 percent of all material faults in asphalt pavement projects are because of an inadequate head of material in front of the screed. The head of material, which spans the width of the screed, may fluctuate during paving. When this happens, it would be impossible to produce a leveled and smooth pavement. There are disadvantages in increasing and decreasing the head of material. When you decide to increase the thickness, it could result to a wavy surface. Decreasing it, on the other hand, would also cause major flaws on the pavement.

Monitoring the amount of head of material usually depends on the operator of the machines, but today’s technology allows the machines themselves to use an automatic feed and sensor to adjust the head of material accordingly.

Making sure that all these things are properly checked and regulated will go a long way for your Plant City parking lot paving. All it takes is to let the workers know that you are knowledgeable about asphalt pavement processes, too, and they would explain every step of the process to you.

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