3 Creative Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Ideas

Oh yes, a Winter Haven parking lot paving can be more than just a garage. It can be turned into a stunning piece of architecture that your clients and guests can marvel at. Why would you waste such precious amount of space if it’s not going to add any real value to your business? The reason why so many businesses fail is that they do no maximize the potentials of what they already have.

The first thing you need to do is take a good long look at your parking lot pavement. What does it offer that other parking lots cannot? What is the advantage of parking on your property compared to others? Why are customers comfortable with leaving their cars on your parking lot?

Parks and Recreation

Come to think of it, isn’t parking lots a complete waste of space? Instead of using a piece of land to park cars, motorcycles, vans, SUVs, and delivery trucks, why couldn’t you create a park or garden instead?

The parking lot can be put underground while above the ground, it could be converted into a garden. If you’re living in the city, a park is a welcome respite from the high-rise buildings that surround you.

The park can be the city’s heartbeat, where people will converge and meet during weekends. It would be a nice sanctuary for those who are tired of city living.

Renewable Energy

How about turning your parking garage into a source of renewable energy? Why stop at using environment-friendly materials such as asphalt on your parking lot pavement when you can wrap your entire parking building in solar panels?

Sure, the upfront investment is costly but you’ll reap the return on investment in no time once the profit starts pouring in. Solar panels aren’t as expensive as they were before and they are the most eco-friendly solution to sustain affordable power in your garage.

Green Walls

Whether you have a closed Winter Haven parking lot paving or an open space parking lot, you can still use green walls to add a bit of nature vibe into the space. If the parking lot is in a building, you can hang planters and orchids on the walls surrounding the parking lot.

Although parking lots are notorious for being suffocating, no thanks to the fumes from the vehicles, putting up plants will make the space “breathe” more. Not to mention, plants are visually appealing.

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